Temporal Dissonance

Two incidences of Temporal Dissonance occurred during the trip. One member saw some posters advertising an @narchist Bookfair up the Cowley Road. Twoof the party set off to investigate, only to discover they were a month late. The bookfair had taken place on February 20th, not March 20th!
The other peice of temporal dissonance was a bit more complicated. One member of the party put forward the notion that British Summer Time was going tobe introduced over Saturday night/Sunday morning, on account of it being the equinox. Thus it was proposed that we should meet at 12 o'clock the following day, which would be the same as eleven o'clock if the clock's hadn't changed.
Six of the party met at 12 noon (LPA time), but another member remained with British Consensual Time, arriving at 1 pm (LPA Time), 12 noon (BCTtime). Thus they were unable to take part in the most interesting excursion that afternoon.

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