The End of Patriarchy

coming soon to a reality near you!

A celebration to witness the beginning of the end of patriarchy was scheduled for the night of Lughnaissadh, August 1st/2nd at Silbury Hill.

The End of Patriarchy was announced in From the Flames (£1.50 from 42 Mapperley Road, Nottingham, NG3 5AS). The decision was made at a meeting in Bristol on 10th January. They propose a seven year period, from1993 to 2000 during which patriarchy will disappear. Quoting Mary Greer's Tarot Constellations, they suggest that the year 2000 is the year of the High Priestess (2+0+0+0) "The last time the High Priestess appeared was in the year 1100, nearly 900 years ago, and she will not appear again for approximately 8,000 years."

On August 2nd, 1100 William Rufus was ritually murdered. This occurred seven years after his proposal to Edith was turned down. Edith later married his brother Henry I to become Queen Matilda. In our pamphlet The Great Conjunction (available from Unpopular Books for £2 + 30pp&p) we argue that ritual king slaughter played a part in overthrowing matrilineal societies by patriarchal cults.

Will there be an attempt to perpetuate patriarchy through
the ritual murder of a top member of royalty in the year 2000?

Will it be frustrated?

We shall see.

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