Say No to the Millennium

The most pressing political question of the day is how the proletariat can extract itself from the farrago of mind bending psychological assaults which will be passed off as 'celebrating' the millennium. The function of this great spectacle, which the bourgeoisie has already been preparing for some time, is nothing short of bolstering their regime in the face of fresh working class onslaughts which will mark the next ten years.
By staging an event which is to be 'enjoyed by all' they hope to restore the bonds which link the wage slave to the boss, the disenchanted youth with the battery of social workers, cops and teachers who police them, and to reintegrate the pseudo-rebels into mainstream culture. However, things wont go so easily for the boss class. We will resist. We shall say no to the millennium.

No Third Reich, No Third Millennium

In the pre-election period, New Labour Führer, Tony Blair, was already planning how to use his accession to power to gain the same sort of self-aggrandisement as achieved by fellow social democrat, and late President of France, François Mitterand. Taking a leaf out of Hitler's rhetorical style, Blair spoke of having "a thousand days to prepare for the next thousand years". And when there were just a thousand days left, the event did not go unmarked. At Greenwich observatory a ritual which included the ignition of a large number of fireworks took place, and a clock was installed to mark how the seconds are ticking away. Regular readers of the newsletter will be familiar with the special place Greenwich holds for the activities of the occult establishment. The Queen even visited the Queen's House during the eclipse on May 10th 1994 (see LPA newsletter No. 6, Beltaine 1994).
Even as this is published, the groundwork is going ahead to prepare the millennium site in the Greenwich peninsular. Recent studies of the alignment of Canary Wharf have revealed that not only are the buildings aligned with St Paul's Cathedral and Cuckold's Point to the west, but that it also traverses the top of Greenwich peninsular to the east. We venture the hypothesis that this alignment will be used in whatever architectural monstrosities are erected to overwhelm the projected hundreds of thousands of visitors which they hope to psychologically process.
However we are not yet in a position to analyse or initiate resistance to this horror show in spatial terms. Our aim here is to challenge the Christian/bourgeois organisation of time by which the flawed notion of the millennium arises in the first place. In fact we are calling on revolutionaries to break with the Gregorian calendar. We have been promoting the Modern Khemetic Calendar (which we shall explain in more detail later in this article). However this does not mean that we assume that the world proletarian movement will automatically except it. What we are proposing is that an Anti Millennium Alliance is formed so revolutionary communist groups can participate in the development of a new calendar acceptable to all. We still feel that our idea seems to be the best, but if another better proposal comes along, we will be happy to follow it.
There will of course be some part-time revolutionaries who will moan and whinge at our suggestion. "Its not important" they wheeze, "why make an issue of it?". However such shallow reasoning is easily exposed. Communists are agreed that participation in elections is a way in which the working class is numbed into accepting the charade of parliamentary democracy. But such carnivals occur only once every few years. However people write the date many times a week. Therefore the potential of organising resistance to the Gregorian calendar is much greater than propaganda against the election. We create a rent in the social fabric when we fill in official forms according to our own calendar. It is time for action - and action now. It is time to break with the Gregorian calendar.
Each day has now been accounted for in the lead up to the millennium, each day has been contained. Each day functions merely to give way to the next. As our lives get consumed by the drudgery of wage labour, poverty and social decay, all that is held out for us is a party to mark the inauguration of another thousand year Reich. In Zimbabwe, the ruling ZANU party would arrange local party banquets at which the general populace was allowed the privilege of watching the party cadres eat - without themselves being invited to join in. It is exactly the same here, with TV as the media. We are offered the chance to watch the rich and famous laugh, and drink and gorge themselves while we look on and are meant to clap. Some have suggested that the occasion be used to inaugurate a truly proletarian party where we simply take back the products of our labour which we have been denied. Our response to that is: why wait. Is it not better to break with the Gregorian calendar.

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