Prelimanary Committee for the Foundation of
a New Lettrist International proposes

The First Congress
of the New Lettrist International

Part 2

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As I returned from the Volga, Comrade Merges had arrived in Moscow.

We assert that far from facilitating debate Congress bureaucraticises human interaction, subjects it to the manipulation of the executive bodies. By reversing the process, such that participants submit accounts of the proceedings before encountering one another, we de facto reduce the functioning of the executive bodies to that of mere clearing houses of information. This innovation is in itself a major step forward in our organising processes.
Further to this however, it is necessary to charge all participants to integrate their submission and circulation of accounts, whether visual, verbal, musical or otherwise, simply by explicitly stating that the work in question is precisely just such an account. In the event of particiapants circulating material and only revealing its exact relation to the First Congress at a latter stage, we invite delegates to draw their own conclusions.

On the same day a sitting of the executive of the Third Internatonal took place. We weren't invited. In our absence, the motion of Meyer (Kommunist Partei Deutschland) that we should be refused admission was discussed. the motion was rejected. Upon this, they called us to the sitting, and were so gracious as to grant us advisory status at the Congress.

From the material so presented and reproduced by delegates, as appropriate, the full variety of activity will become apparent. It will then possible for task groups to emerge, directly relating to the intrinsic interconnections established by the First Congress, rather than the bureaucratic management of extrinsic connexions being implemented according to the interests of an executive, which has already established itself as a pole of separate activity.
From the emergence of the task groups, whatever direct meetings such as are required by the nature of the work the task group has undertaken, will take place. This accords with our principle of minimum necessary activity. Although we espouse the warmth of comradeship, task groups are in no way akin to affinity groups, which seek to offer a psychological bolster to the individuals involved. Any such emergent affinity groups will be dissolved.

At this meeting we got to see the discussion guidelines which were to be laid before the Congress. They were intended to be the basis for the decisions of the Congress. Of which, in his boastful manner, Radek had already said to me earlier that he had it in the pocket. "In the Pocket!"
The following texts comprise initial accounts of the Congress, and are comprosed of conventional descriptions of the proceedings. We invite delegates to publish or otherwise manifest their accounts. The First Congress is already underway.

Long Live the New Lettrist International

The quotes are from an account of a trip to Moscow to negotiate the adherence of the Communist Workers' Party of Germany to Third International made by Otto Rühle in the summer of 1920.

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