This is a fashion-cum-lifestyle which has curiously become associated with "White Power". Like almost every other aspect of "White Power", this movement originated in the Black community, amongst light-skinned Black People whose "kinky" hair indicated their African Ancestry. Such people who wished to pass for white could only elude such identification bt keeping their hair closely cropped. This was often accompanied by a vigorous assertion of a White identity, and so spread amongst into the broader white community, particularly amongst White working class youth.

There seems to be no evidence to support the contention of the Mullahs of the Islamic republic of Iran who suggested, as if 6 were 9, that Skinheads were simply Hippies who had cut of all their hair. As it turns out the complementarity between Hippies and Skinheads is mediated by race, but not exhaustively. Both remain unstable sub-cultures which can never attain true autonomy.

Skinheads have been known to touch the ground with their forehead in the presence of the British Queen.

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