Why Lettrism


The words we make up during this epoch in the world, unfortunately tend to limit us. Without a doubt, the term Lettrist is a hard description for people who have no particular esteem for this kind of sound effect, and except on the sound track of a few films, have not made use of it. But the term 'French' seems to give us exclusive links with this nation and its colonies. Atheism has been qualified as 'Christian', 'Jewish' or 'Islamic' with disconcerting ease. And also we are obviously locked within a more or less refined 'bourgeois' education, if not such ideas, at least such vocabulary.

Thus a good number of terms will be made guardedly, despite the evolution of our researches and usage - leading to refinement - of many waves of followers: Lettrist International, metagraphy, and other neologisms of which we have remarked that they excite the fury of all sorts of people. The first condition of our agreement is to keep such people a long way away from us.

It could be objected that this is, on our part, to propagate an arbitrary, stupid and dishonest confusion amongst the intellectual elite; this gives us a subject ready to ask us 'what exactly do we want' with a concerned and protective air, which immediately throws it out by doing this. But in the certainty that no literary or journalistic hack has seriously occupied themselves with what we have been carrying out for a number of years, we know that any confusion has in no way been engendered by ourselves. And on the other hand it pleases us.

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