Why Lettrism


From the above, it must have been understood that our business is not a literary school, a new form of expression, a modernism. It is a matter of a way of living which will take place through explorations and provisional formulations, which themselves are only exercised in a provisional way. The nature of this enterprise forces us to work in a group and to show ourselves a little: we wait for many people and events which will come. We also have another great force, of no longer waiting for a mass of known activities, for individuals and institutions.

We have a lot to learn, and experiment as far as possible with forms of architecture as much as rules of conduct. Nothing agitates us less than the elaboration of a doctrine: we are far enough away from explaining ourselves, let alone those things which would support a coherent system that would integrally incorporate the novelties which appear to us worthy of giving passion.

However it is put, it is understood that we must start with everything. It has also been said that humanity never posed itself problems it cannot resolve.
Guy-Ernest Debord, Gil J. Wolman

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