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Besides to the extent that this 'intellectual elite' of modern Europe still retains an approximation of intelligence and the vestiges of culture, the confusion which we have spoken of no longer holds sway. Those of our companions over the years who try once again to draw attention to it, or simply to live by their pens, have become so idiotic in order to fool the world. They sadly ruminate the same attitudes which will be reused more quickly by others. They don't know how a method of renewal refreshes life. Ready to abandon everything to appear in the "new new French review", like clowns kindly presenting their tricks because their quest never leads anywhere, they lament the fact that they never find a place in this swamp whether that of Etiemble - the consideration that has even been granted to Caillos - or the appointment of Aron.

There is even cause to believe that their last ambition will be to found a little judeo-plastic religion. With a bit of luck they'll wind up as some sort of Father Divine, as Mormons of aesthetic creation.

Let's pass on from these people who have amused us before. The amusements which overtake a man are an exact measure of his mediocrity: base-ball or automatic writing, what does it matter? The idea of success, when it is not tied up with the most simple desires, is inseparable from the complete overthrow at the planetary level. The remnants of successful breakthroughs always strongly resemble a worse block. What we find more valuable in our actions is to succeed in undoing our many habits and ingrained associations. It could well be said that it is rare enough for people to make their life, that part of their life where they are allowed a choice, be in harmony with their feelings and views. It is good to be a fanatic over certain things. An orientalist-occultist magazine at the beginning of the year spoke of us as "..the most melancholic spirits, anaemic theoreticians of the virtues of 'supercession', otherwise purely of a verbal effect". It is good that the effect of those who embarrass these creeps is not merely verbal. Naturally, you don't have to dynamite the bridges of the Ile de Louis to accentuate the insular character of this locality nor, on the opposite bank, complicate and embellish the brickwork of the Bernard quay. We do what is most urgent with the limited resources we have at the moment. Thus, by contradicting various porkchops who approach us, by making a quick end to confusionist attempts at 'joint action' with us, by completely doing without indulgence, we prove to those sane individuals the necessary existence of the virus in question. But if we are ill, our detractors are dead.

While on this subject, let us clarify an attitude that certain people, amongst the most avoidable, have reproached us for: the expulsion of not a few participants of the Lettrist International and systematic allure taken by this kind of penalty.

In fact, we find it appropriate to take positions rather close to all the aspects of life which present themselves to us. Amongst all these positions we take, some of them are held dear by us, just as are some of the lines of research. All other modes of friendship, of worldly relationships, or even good manners leave us indifferent or disgusted. Objective shortcomings in this sort of agreement can only be sanctioned by a break. It is better to change friends than ideas.

In the final analysis, judgement is made according to the existence the parson leads. The promiscuities that the expelled people have for the most part accepted or re-accepted; the generally dishonest arrangements, in extreme cases that they have underwritten, give the exact degree of gravity to our quickly resolved disagreements; and perhaps also the importance of our understanding.

Far from defending ourselves from making these hostilities a personal matter, we declare on the contrary that the idea that we have human relations obliges us to make these personal issues, determined by definitive questions of ideas. Those who resign, condemn themselves: we have nothing to deal with; nothing to excuse.

Those who have fallen by the wayside of Lettrism are starting to make up quite a number. But there are infinitely more people who live and die without ever having a chance to understand and take part. From this point of view, each is greatly responsible for whatever talents they are able to have. Should we put up with pathetic individual resignations out of sentimental considerations ?

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