In Defense of Revolutionary Organisation Part 6

What is to be Done?

On the organisational question I offer a few guidelines:
1) It is necessary to avoid all militantism where the individual represses themselves in favour of some mythic goal. This is merely the reappearance of the sort of manipulations promoted by Bernard of Clairvaux, the ideologue of the crusades and top theoretician for the Templars. Our response to this society must involve gratification at all temporal levels: the immediate, the mid-term and the long-term.

2) We should seek ever greater diversity. Rather than converging on ever smaller circles where the relationships between comrades become ever more intense, finally leading emotionalised conflicts with individuals becoming completely immersed in the ideological structures of their own making to which they have become psychically bonded. Rather seek extension, moving into broader fields of action. Continually import lessons from one area of struggle into another. Help them develop and mutate. Abandon set areas of discourse and disrupt the existing organisation and commodification of knowledge. From diversification the possibility of ever stronger, ever deeper syntheses emerges.

3) Our organisational principles should reflect a commitment to always reduce the number of people involved. Armies recruit, businesses recruit, cults and leftist groups recruit. Revolutionary groups must strive to reduce their activities, must strive to become unnecessary (which can only come about through successful revolution). However, it is from class struggle that revolutionary groups develop, responding to real needs, and their aim must be to overcome these needs and then be re-absorbed by the proletariat as a whole.
The crisis within the ICC, which reveals itself as self-obsession to the exclusion of the issues of the class struggle, can easily be resolved. I call on the ICC to dissolve itself, releasing its members from its discipline, thereby enabling them to play a more positive role in the class struggle.

Luther Blissett

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